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I am Miranda van Eenennaam, bore-out coach and psychologist.

If there’s one thing I understand, it is the desire to do work that suits you. In 2013, I was caught by an uneasy feeling. I held various positions in a wonderful organization, but the work had stopped satisfying me. I missed the passion, the feeling of really contributing through something that came from deep inside of me. But I had no idea what kind of work I should be doing instead.

My head was spinning: What did I want? And what was I capable of? Not knowing the answers, I heard myself exclaiming: ‘Perhaps I just don’t have any passions or talents!’ That was the moment that I realized: I have become estranged from who I am!
It hit me like a ton of bricks.

The power of self-knowledge
I started my own researchproject: what should one know about himself to find work that really suits? Many coaches emphasized talent as a startingpoint, but I found out that first of all, passions are leading: the fire inside of you. From there, I added a circle of other important themes around it that couldn’t be ignored, like talents, values, personal meaning and personality. Of course, I reflected on all of these myself.

Joy at work
I got more and more convinced that this broad introspection is actually an essential first step in finding out what work really suits a person. But exactly how many people have already done this in their life? A missed opportunity: it allows you to take your passions, talents and values, and use them as your basic principles for making both professional and personal choices. In other words: they give you a sense of direction!

5-step model
By that time, I had gotten to know quite some people who were not happy in their work either. That is why I came up with a model, rooted in the knowledge that I gained during my 11 years of experience with clients, my studies in psychology and organizational anthropology, and my recent research. The model pays attention to the inner ‘soft’ side of a person, using themes such as self-knowledge, reflection and creation, while still addressing the outer ‘hard’ side, with themes like responsibility, goals and visibility. Both of these sides are an absolute necessity in creating a career that actually suits you.

Bore-out coaching
Many times, a person’s challenges will turn into his greatest strengths. It happened to me as well. My own experiences in finding joy at my work surely proved to be gold: they yielded sustainable knowledge that, combined with my studies and work experience, laid strong foundations for my coaching. And, last but not least: it brought the passion and joy at my work that I was so desperately looking for!

Now, I’d like to pay it forward, by showing you step-by-step how you can get more joy at your work.



2016 Psychology (BSc),
Open University Amsterdam

2008 Organisational-antropology (MSc),
VU University Amsterdam

2000 Social Work (BSc)
University of Applied Sciences,

1996 Gymnasium
Herbert Vissers College,
Nieuw- Vennep


Self employed coach & copywriter (2015-now)

Career coach FNV (2013-2015)

Staff member MEE AZ (2008-2013)

Consultant MEE AZ (2003-2008)

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