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Un-cover passions, talents and dreams

Everyone has passions, talents and dreams. They give you your unique color, and are your largest source of fun and satisfaction! Once you live your life in line with these, you will find yourself to be happier, high performing and better equipped to connect with others. This is why I also refer to them as ‘your personal gold’. Losing the connection with your own gold often leads to a bore-out.

This brings me to the fundamental idea of my coaching: going back to yourself, to (re)discover your gold. Together, we’ll map out the passions, talents, values and traits that typify you. We also look at the kind of work and work environment that you would feel at home at. Next, these outcomes are translated into practical steps. This might mean a different way of doing your current work, but might also result in the search for a new job; or the choice for entrepreneurship. More and more, you will learn to apply a focus to what you do, and increase your own visibility. This way, you lay the powerful foundations for more fun and satisfaction in your work!


  • I feel bored-out!
  • I would like to work more with my talents
  • I feel like I lack any real passions or talents!
  • I have the feeling, that my talents aren’t being acknowledged by others
  • I would like to do something that gives me satisfaction!
  • I would like to earn money with my passion!
  • I would like to leave my current job. But what should I do after that?
  • I know what I want to do, but there’s something holding me back

5-step model

This 5-step model provides an insight into the phase that you are currently in, and what challenges you might face. Each step brings its specific core themes, which will go through one by one.

  1. Self-connection
  2. Self-examination
  3. Responsibility and focus
  4. Self-expression and visibility
  5. Creation of your new path: action!



Brainstorming conversation

A brainstorm converstation is a one-time conversation, with a very practical approach. It is most suitable when you are somewhat ‘stuck’, and need someone to think along with you, in order to move forward again. You will get instant advice and concrete tips, which you can use to progress in your work.

If needed, a brainstorm conversation can be the introduction to a coaching trajectory.

Coaching trajectory

In about 6 sessions, we use my 5=step model in bringing (back) the fun and passion in your work. Themes in this are self-reflection, jobwishes, obstructions, self-confidence and visibility. My working method can be characterized as task and goal oriented. In practice, this means that I often employ assignments, goals and action plans.

Workshops & Lectures

I organize a variety of workshops and lectures centered on the themes of bore-out and passions. The content of those workshops and lectures are decided upon in consultation with the client, based on needs. If you have a question, wish, or proposal, please contact me through the contact form.

Online or face to face?

  • Face-to-face coaching is possible in Frankfurt, where I have various locations at my disposal.
  • Skype-coaching is a comfortable way of having a conversation from your own home, without bothersome travelling time or costs.
  • E-mail coaching is a possibility, when you consider writing your favorable way of communicating and when you would like to read through the conversation at your own pace.
    It’s up to you! Of course a combination out of these options is possible as well.

Costs & Compensation

Coaching via skype, or on location:

Private tariff:
€ 85,- p/h (incl. VAT)
€ 120,- per 1.5 hour (incl. VAT)

Business tariff:
€ 120,- p/h (excl. VAT)
€ 170,- per 1.5 hour (excl. VAT)

Private tariff: € 50,- per session (incl. VAT)
Business tariff: € 70,- per session (excl. VAT)

Workshops and lectures
The price will be determined based on length, preparation time, number of participants and location. A price quote can be requested via the contact form.

For any work-related coaching sessions, you are often entitled to compensation from your employer. After all, the employer benefits from employees who are feeling good; this has a positive effect on the work atmosphere, performance and absence through illness. The employer can list the cost of coaching as a business expense, that is tax-deductible.

Additionally, you can peruse your Collective Labor Agreement, and verify if there is a coaching budget included: an amount that is set aside for you by your employer on a yearly basis and that (in consultation with your employer) can be spent on coaching or career guidance.

N.B.: For compensation by the employer, the business tariff applies.

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