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Enjoy your work!

How much of yourself do you bring to your work?

For many people, work and passion do not go hand in hand. Work is ‘a necessary part of life’, and only in your free time you do the things that really make you happy…

It’s exactly this separation between work and passion, that leads to a lackluster attitude towards your work. Because how can you be expected to enjoy it, if you switch off both yourself and your passions duringworking hours?

Perhaps this is just something that you are used to. Many of us never learned to make choices based on passions and talents. Schools hardly payed attention to this. And the emphasis in our society is placed much more on making ‘responsible’ choices and stability, rather than on discovering your dreams and talents. Therefore, perhaps you never really got to know these, or simply ignored them for practical reasons. Or even worse: you think that you do not have any!

This leads to inner turmoil. You do have passions and talents – and they want to be lived! If you lock them out, it will severely impact the fun, motivation and energy that you get out of your work. This might even lead to a bore-out. Which is a pity, because there are more possibilities than you might think!

Bore-out coach & psychologist

I am Miranda van Eenennaam. I help people who are  experiencing a bore-out feeling to bring back the fun and passion in their work. If you are suffering from a bore-out, your passions and talents simply fell asleep. You can’t put enough of yourself in your work, and because of this, lose the motivation, the fun and the energy. My goal is to be the wake-up call of your dreams, talents and passions, and from there, help you in taking the first steps towards enjoying your work!

Results coaching


  • Insight in your passions, talents, dreams, personality and values
  • Clarity about your ideal work & work environment
  • A concrete plan of action to live your talents and find your ideal work
  • Powerful choices, that helps reaching the work you wish for
  • Increased self-confidence and visibility

Did you know this about joy at work?

Joy at work functions like a buffer against work-related stress. Inspired employees are physically and mentally healthier, sleep better and are less often absent through illness than their peers (Schaufeli).
Organisations also profit from employees’ joy at work: customer satisfaction is higher, fewer errors are made, and profit and work productivity is higher (Schaufeli).

You have a higher chance for success if you do something that you like. ‘Who really wants to become successful, must first and foremost enjoy his work’, claims psychology professor Paul Jansen.

Don’t ask
what the world needs

Ask yourself
what makes you come alive.
And then go do that.

Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive

Howard Thurman

Writer & Philosopher

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